8 January 2020

Why You Should Consider Multi-Split Air Conditioner

Why You Should Consider Multi-Split Air Conditioner | Daikin Malaysia

If you can’t stand sweltering through another hot day even whilst sitting on your most preferred sofa in the sitting room, it is time to get an air conditioning.

An air conditioning system helps you gain full control of the temperature in your room or office space. Indeed, today, air conditioners have become commonplace in business spaces and homes.

Meanwhile, if you’re shopping around for a new air conditioning system for your home or office, it is paramount that you know what’s on the list of cards for you. This is to help you invest in what exactly fits your needs.

At home, air conditioners provide the right conditions for your electronics and property at large. Choosing the right air conditioner can also keep your energy bills low.

There are four common types of air conditioning systems used in most homes and office spaces – central air conditioners, traditional window AC, split AC and multi-split AC.

In most families, there’s always that one person who loves the room to be icy cold and another who just wants comfort without chill. If that is the case, multi-split air conditioners are your best bet.

This is because this air conditioner type lets you run multiple air conditioners with only one outside compressor. This in turn gives you independent temperature control over each and every room.

The multi-split air conditioner type is a good choice for the following reasons:

1. Comfort

The multi split system allows maximum comfort. In addition, it is a convenient and economical air solution. It is economical because its running costs are minimal and you can cool rooms exactly as you need.

2. Silent and Smooth Operation

The last thing you want for yourself is a noisy AC humming in the background while you are trying to catch a sleep at night.

Since most of the moving parts of your multi-air conditioning system are placed on the outside of your home, most of the noise is emitted outside the house, saving you the stress and distractions that come with such noise.

For the most part, it is so silent that you sometimes hardly realize that the multi-split unit is even on.

3. Absence of ductwork

One of the biggest pluses of installing a multi-split air conditioning system is it is completely ductless. This makes the installation neater, doing no damage to the aesthetic finishes of your home.

This is because ducting is usually a daunting task and would in most cases involved destruction and repairing of walls in a bid to install the unit components.

A ductless installation also helps with significant cost savings on electricity bills.

4. Environmentally friendly

The efficiency of ductless multi-split air conditioners cannot be overemphasized as it helps reduce the carbon footprint. Just like air purifiers, they help reduce the carbon pollutants in the air.

Because its handlers can be powered on independently, you can cool or heat the spaces you want and not the areas that are being used.

5. Satisfy everyone’s temperature preferences

With a multi-split air conditioning unit, you can satisfy the temperature preferences of all around you simultaneously.

With the ability to adjust temperatures individually, each member of your home can live and work comfortably under his/her most preferred temperature conditions.


In short, installing a multi-split air conditioning unit is perhaps one of the biggest and most cost-effective investments you will make in your home or office space.

It is cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and quiet and would satisfy all your needs appropriately.

Are you currently looking for a multi-split AC? Check out Daikin’s multi-split, the MKC SERIES (R32). You only need one powerful outdoor unit to drive up to three indoor units.

Enjoy faster cooling and more energy saving compared to inverter single split system. For more info, visit all our inverted multi-split series aircons.

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