4 February 2020

What Benefits Do an Air Purifier Bring to Your Home?

What Benefits Do an Air Purifier Bring to Your Home? | Daikin Malaysia

Breathing in a room clouded by smoke or haze is a disaster for most of us. For the most part, it is difficult to imagine a room filled with completely clean air due to the constant pollution of the air such as forest burning.

It is for this reason that air purifiers are great since they help to reduce the concentration of pollutants in the air. They would usually suffice in places which are prone to contamination such as haze.

In addition, for pet lovers, having a good air purifier is also a blessing. Our beloved pets share our homes with us and bring along with them urine stains, pet odors and shed fur.

These odors can make you and your visitors feel uncomfortable, not mentioning that it can also induce a number of respiratory diseases and allergies.

Let’s face it — most of us would rather go for fresh air by relaxing with a TV show in our sitting room than take a walk outside, especially after a busy work day.

But are you aware that air conditioners without an air purifier actually circulate the same air throughout the room over and over again?

Benefits of Using an Air Purifier

1. Better air quality

Air purifiers absorb dust, smoke and pollen particles and would to a large extent reduce contamination of the surrounding air. Frequent sneezing can be really frustrating and disruptive. It is also not ideal for people in the same room who sneeze in particles. Air purifiers reduce the amount of its causative agents – allergens – present in the air in the first place.

Air purifier in Malaysia is even more of a necessity than a luxury due to the yearly haze condition in Malaysia which attribute to fires from neighbouring Indonesia.

According to the Department of Environment’s data, the Air Pollutant Index (API) in some areas of the country can reach as high as 300, especially in Sabah and Sarawak.

Removal of these pollutants will help your allergies and protect you from diseases associated with polluted air such as bronchitis and asthma.

2. Removes Dangerous Insects such as mosquitoes

There is no guarantee that all insects are affected when you make use of an insecticide. Purifiers however in addition to purifying the air you breathe-in also get rid of these dangerous insects which pass on germs and disease-causing organisms from one person to another.

While insecticides are harmful and pretty much unnecessary, air purifiers have proven to be more efficient and helpful.

3. Protect your sleeping schedule

Since polluted air can make you uncomfortable and ultimately disturb your sleeping schedule, air purifiers are a must-have for you if you want to go through the night unperturbed.

Not only does it cleanse the air, it also produces a soothing soft sound. Although air purifiers make some noise, there are some known to make a sweet sound that would almost hum you to sleep.

4. Eliminate odours

Good air purifiers do a better job than most air conditioners with air filters when it comes to air purification. They can help make your home smells fresher even after cooking food with strong odours. 

They can be more effective than air conditioning systems at dissipating strong irritating odours.


Needless to say, air purifiers have a myriad of advantages. It cleanses the air, making it fresher and healthier for our body system. It in addition eliminates dangerous insects that can transmit diseases.

Using an air purifier would save you from the dangers of contracting terminal air-borne diseases as well as the expenses associated with managing such diseases. For sure, they are a definite must-have for every home.

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