24 January 2020

The Best Type Of Aircon For Offices

The Best Type Of Aircon For Offices | Daikin Malaysia

Air conditioners are great and useful especially in countries with hot climate such as Malaysia. Besides for residential homes, air conditioners can mostly be seen in banks, offices, and even factories.

So, which is the best type of aircon for offices?

There are different air conditioner types that you can choose for your office. However, different types of air conditioner units have unique features, advantages, and disadvantages. Also, certain factors come into play when deciding on the best unit for your office.

A single AC unit is perfect for cooling an office with 1 to 6 people, but for larger office spaces you would need multiple wall units placed strategically so that all the room enjoys the full benefit of the airflow.

However, where appearance is vital, there are many wall-mounted units from different manufacturers with great aesthetic appeal.

Below are the main types of air con available for offices.

1. Packaged aircon

Packaged ACs are the common type of air conditioners found in offices. There are also many types of packaged ACs available on the market. These air cond units are powerful and can cool your office space in a short time.

If you have an office that has a large space, packaged air conditioners are definitely one of your best choices. Many industrial spaces in Malaysia use these types of units. They can be easily installed on the wall or roof.

These air conditioners are available in various capacities: 3, 5, 7, 10 and 15 tonnes. Packaged ACs are commonly used in places like restaurants, offices, small halls, and more.

2. Split unit

The split unit is another type of air conditioner you can use in your office. The split unit is divided into two parts — the outdoor condenser and indoor unit. The unit works by combining the two units at the same time.

The outdoor condenser generates the air with its fan and then directs the air to the indoor unit. Many people choose to use the split unit in their offices because of the ease of installation.

3. Cassette AC

If you’re looking to install a high-quality air conditioner with beautiful design and style, you may want to consider the Cassette AC. This is a powerful unit that can be placed on the roof. There are many benefits of installing cassette air conditioners.

They are powerful and can cool your office from top to bottom easily. With its high efficiency, you can cool down the temperature of your office quickly. You can find different types of Cassette ACs on the

When to use sleep mode: If you prefer not to use air conditioning throughout the night, switch to sleep mode. Some users opt for sleep mode for energy saving.

4. Ducted unit

Ducted AC is another perfect unit for your office space. With this unit, you can easily control the temperature of the office. The unit comes with a flexible ducting that can send cool air through some vents in the office. The indoor unit is usually mounted on the ceiling or under the floor. The ducted AC is popular among businesses with multiple offices in a building.

As the name suggests, ducted air conditioners mainly work through a series of ducts to keep you cool. As a result, you can cool each room individually.


These are some of the best types of air conditioner units you can use for your office. Before choosing a particular unit, take the time to understand its features, advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right unit is very important for you who want to cool down the temperature of your office effectively.

When installing a new air conditioner units in your office, use the help and experience of professional technicians in Malaysia. Installing these units properly is very important to avoid any troubles in the future.

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