24 June 2020

Importance of A Healthy and Safe Bath Environment for Toddlers

Importance of A Healthy and Safe Bath Environment for Toddlers | Daikin Malaysia

Most young parents consider the style or value of the bathroom when doing renovation works in the new house; but the safety of children is often ignored.

►►► Here are some of the commonly overlooked risks: 

1. Toddlers or young children may slip and fall easily on wet floors, causing unwanted injury to the head or knees.

2. Chances of toddlers catching a cold may be high due to bacterias and viruses present in humid bathrooms

3. Electrical appliances present in wet or humid bathrooms may cause accidental electrical mishaps to toddlers when not monitored closely.

►►► Read on HOW to address these risks: 

Sounds like a LOT of effort to put in while juggling to look after your kids at the same time? ⏰ .There is simply no practical or easy way to maintain a safe and healthy bath environment without the help of technology. ?

In order to ease families’ burdens, ? Daikin PROSHOP has engineered a special air-conditioning system designed for bathrooms. It comes with an Automatic Humidity Control that switches on when levels of humidity is high and turns off when humidity is low.  

It also has an Exhaust Fan to discharge odours effectively. Another notable function is that it has an Air Dryer that keeps the air dry and prevent fungus growth ( and even dry your towels too!).  With these functions ready, families with young children can now relax in comfort with peace of mind.

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