3 February 2020

Better Indoor Air Quality & Cooling with Daikin SMARTO Air Conditioner

Better Indoor Air Quality & Cooling with Daikin SMARTO Air Conditioner | Daikin Malaysia

The Daikin SMARTO air conditioner combines both the functions of both an air conditioner and an air purifier to not just cool but clean the air all at once. 

It is designed with Streamer Air Purification Technology to eliminate particles, allergens and odours to deliver better indoor air quality and cooling for you and your loved ones.

With the advent of the Internet around the world, people have adopted the future wave of technology, known as Smart Technology. With years of research and development, Daikin Malaysia has incorporated Smart Technology into its air conditioner known as SMARTO. 

This air conditioner has seven significant features that enable the air cond to provide better indoor air quality and cooling experience.

The features include:

Daikin Smart Breeze
Smart Breeze forms varying combination of cordial breeze. The room becomes a dedication to nature.

Daikin Smart Drift
Smart Drift makes it possible for the cooling comfort to be spread evenly throughout the space.

Daikin 3D Airflow
3D airflow enables improved air draft coverage for even faster and efficient cooling reach.

The Smart Sense feature integrated into the SMARTO Air Conditioning system detects the presence of a human in the room automatically.

It provides airflow control based on a feature you can preset.

The Smart Sense also has two features known as Smart Power+ and Smart Ecomax.

The Smart Power+ feature offers a maximum cooling for the room and directs a strong, cold air towards the person that was detected in the room for a period of 20 minutes.

The Smart Ecomax ensures that maximum energy is saved by automatically adjusting its temperature according to the human presence in the room.

For Instance, the preset temperature will increase by a degree for every 20 minutes when there is no human presence in the room until it gets to a maximum temperature of 27 degrees.

1. Smart Clean

The Smart Clean feature is a combined layer of 3 filtration technology, including Green Tea Filter, PM 2.5 and Streamer Discharge Unit.

These three features work together as an air purifier to provide your home with better cooling and air quality.

The green tea filter helps to deactivate the activity of bacteria, virus and also freshens odors caught on the filter surface.

PM 2.5 is a feature that helps to remove fine particulate matters of 2.5 micrometers or smaller.

The Streamer Discharge unit discharges high-speed electron that enables decomposition and removal of allergens such as mold, mites, pollen grain and other dangerous chemicals.

2. Smart Control

The Smart Control feature allows the user to control the air conditioner via the Daikin Mobile Controller app from anywhere, as long as the air conditioner has a steady WiFi connection.

The Smart Control feature enables users to conveniently and remotely control the temperature in their home with just a few taps on their smartphone.

3. Smart Breeze

The Smart Breeze feature allows airflow to be orchestrated at different strength and speed, leading to the formation of varying combinations of cordial breeze.

With this feature, your room becomes a dedication to nature.

4. Smart Drift

The Smart Drift feature helps to generate an airflow effect towards the far end of the room where an immaculate distribution of air is created. 

The cooling comfort is spread at the same level throughout the room.

5. 3D Airflow

This feature gives an excellent air modulation to your room. It generates a rectangular motion of air throughout the room. 

It is designed with an air draft coverage for faster and efficient cooling reach.

6. Smart Sleep+

This feature can be activated to initiate an automated temperature adjustment to complement changes in the body temperature during sleep. 

Combined with the LED dimmer features, the Smart Sleep+ feature ensures a pleasant sleep throughout the night.


The Daikin SMARTO Air Conditioner isn’t just like any other types of air conditioning. SMARTO offers you a better indoor air quality and cooling by automatically regulating temperature, ventilation and humidity levels, providing an ideal condition all year round.

Try out Daikin SMARTO, the air conditioner that pampers you after a busy day.

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