Stay In Control No Matter Where You Are

Along with the built-in network adaptor, the GO DAIKIN app allows you to not only save energy whilst maintaining the cooling comfort of your home but most importantly eliminates your worry of ever forgetting to turn off your air conditioner!

(Certain app functions are optional)

#GODAIKINLAH : Why So Drama?

  • In-home & Out-of-home function allows you to control your AC unit at anywhere anytime.
  • Weekly scheduling allows you to set your AC unit at your preferred timing at a weekly basis.
  • Statistical energy usage graphs that allows you to monitor and keep track of your daily energy usage to ensure an efficient AC operation.
  • With this, greater savings can be achieved as you can now smartly control your AC energy consumption!

*Energy consumption is based on estimation and for inverter model only.

  • Different operational modes to allows you to enjoy the different kinds of cooling sensation.
  • Advance control* that provides you with even more cooling options for a better cooling comfort.

* May vary depends on model availability

  • User control sharing easily allows you to share your A/C controls with your family members through a simple QR code scanning.
  • You can unbind the controls or restrict certain app functions of the AC from your family members at any time you desire.

3 Simple Unit Pairing Steps

Step 1

Download GO DAIKIN App

Step 2

Scan QR code to pair AC unit to smartphone

Step 3

That’s it! You can now control your AC from your smartphone


Input VoltageDC 5V
Power Consumption750mW
Size (H x W x D)32.1mm x 50.1mm x 15.0mm
MassAPPROX. 23g
Wireless Lan ProtocolIEEE 802.11b/g/n
Frequency Range2.4GHZ - 2.48GHz

Check your AC Compatibility Now!

SkyAir: BRP072C42-1
Wall MountedFlagship*FTKM*InverterR32xx✓*
PremiumSMARTO (FTKH)xx
Ceiling CassetteSkyAirFCFInverterR32xx
FFC / FCCNon-InverterR32xx
FFN / FCNR410Axx
Ceiling ConcealedFBAInverterR32xx
FDBC / FDMCNon-InverterR32xxx
Ceiling ExposedFHAInverterR32xx
Floor StandingPackagedFVN / FVGRxxx
Static BlowerFBHN/FDBHNxxx
Roof TopUATNxxx
*Additional accessory is required for each indoor unit: PC-board set (BRP067A42-FTKM25/35TVMM or BRP980B42-FTKM50/60/71TVMM)

Smart Control Subscription



Allowing you to remotely and smartly control your Daikin air conditioner from anywhere at any time.

iOS 9.0 or above

Android 5.0 or above

Android 5.0 or above

Installation of WiFi Adaptor Video

Cara Pemasangan WiFi Adaptor Video

How to Configure GO DAIKIN WiFi Smart Control

Cara Konfigurasi GO DAIKIN WiFi Smart Control

如何设置GO DAIKIN WiFi智能控制

How to share your AC controls from Go Daikin


  • Why I can’t download the GO DAIKIN app?

    Do not have any data connection or mobile phone memory is full.

  • What is the minimum requirement to download GO DAIKIN app?

    Ensure mobile device is at minimum of iOS version 9, or Android version 5.0

  • After downloading GO DAIKIN app, why am I not able to log in.

    Ensure the correct ID and Password (case-sensitive).

  • Why I am unable to connect/ do pairing to network adaptor?

    1. Power supply to aircon is switched ON
    2. Bluetooth on your Phone is ON
    3. Location on your Phone is ON
    4. Make sure Phone time is accurate
    5. Using Network 2.4 GHz only (Cannot use 5G Network)
    6. Key in 2.4 GHz Network name manually without clicking the search network button.

    If this persists, kindly call 1300-88-324546 for assistance and our customer service shall attend to you shortly.

  • Can I initiate pairing process with network adaptor using Bluetooth?

    No. First time pairing must be done using WiFi network or hotspot. Then only can the user select Bluetooth Mode in Log In screen, which no longer requires active WiFi or hotspot to control Air Cond in GO DAIKIN app.

  • How can I share the controls of my Smart Air Conditioner to my family members?

    A. Share your log in Email and Password to your family to use the same GO DAIKIN account on a different phone.

    B. Using the share function “Go Share” on the Unit management tab, a different account is allowed permission to control Air Cond.

  • Are there any other language option in GO DAIKIN app?

    No. GO DAIKIN app is available only in English language.

  • If I change to new mobile device, do I need to disconnect my older device and pair to the network adaptor again?

    No. Simply download GO DAIKIN app in your new device and log in, all data will remain as previous.

  • Are there any specification of the WiFi router network used to pair to network adaptor?

    Ensure that your WiFi network used for pairing is using 2.4GHz frequency. Please view a guide on how to configure your WiFi router if only 5.0GHz is set on the router.

  • Do I need to keep power supply to Smart Air Conditioner switched on to control my Air Conditioner from outside my home?

    Yes, ensure that power supply to Smart Air Conditioner is switched on if you want to use the out-of-home function.




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