Remote Monitoring System Features
  • Overview of air conditioning system error code.
  • Monitoring multiple sites at a glance.
  • Notification of error codes by Email/App.
  • Comprehensive analysis of error code.
  • Generate summary in excel format.
  • Monitoring via Website or App.
  • Overview of A/C energy usage and efficiency.
  • Comprehensive analysis of A/C energy usage.
  • Routine system analysis to maintain/improve system performance.
  • Prediction message on the possible faulty parts, error codes & breakdowns

Remote Monitoring System Benefits
1. Extended Equipment Lifespan
– Actions taken according to prediction message before breakdown.
2. Air Conditioner Performance Improve
– 24 hours system monitoring.
– Draw attention to A/C system with low COP. Further diagnosis required to identify root causes.
3. Lesser Manpower in Building Air Conditioning Management
– Manage multiple sites A/C performance and status.
– Efficient in deploying man power to maintain and repair A/C.
4. Energy Saving

– Corrective actions taken to eliminate unnecessary wastage (excessive cooling, shortage of refrigerant, improper thermistor readings) in A/C system.
5. Cost Down in Air Conditioning Maintenance/ Repairing
– Efficient in managing and analysis outstanding and historical error code.
– Down time of A/C being reduced due to prediction message.
6. User Friendly
– Predict up to 80% of A/C malfunctions.
– Provide accurate description on the error codes.
– Able to generate various types of reports.