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A Flexible System Convenient for Expansion/Renovation
Problems with existing water systems can be solved with minimal construction work.

Easy Installation

Compact and lightweight
Adoption of a water heat exchanger and optimisation of the refrigerant control circuit has resulted compact and lightweight equipment. A weight of 146kg and heigh of 1,000mm make installation possible in buildings with limited space, or where no space is available for outdoor units. This makes the system ideal for places that have no area outside – such as underground malls.

Enhanced Usability

Centralised interlocking function
Centralised interlocking input is possible during an external control adaptor.

Energy Saving

Higher Coefficient of Performance(COP)
It has become essential for air conditioning manufacturers to develop system that provides high energy savings. We at Daikin have made great efforts in this fields and this series delivers highly efficient performance, contributing to high energy savings.

Enhanced line-up

Wider capacity range from 6 to 36 HP
With it’s enhanced lineup of 2 new models 6-hp and 12 hp single outside units, VRV IV W series offers a wider capacity range from 6hp to 36hp to meet an ever wider variety of needs.



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