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Product Range


6.0 - 120.0hp (Standard series), 8.0 - 60.0hp (Outdoor air series)




Daikin releases 2 series of VRV AHU unit namely, standard series model CBVJ/DBVJ/DBBVJ/EBBVJ and outdoor air series model CBLJ/DBLJ/DBBLJ/EBBLJ. It’s is a DX AHU system that is specially designed to work with the VRV  outdoor unit.

This new model release is an inlet temperature control type AHU. This enabled the users to reduce maintenance costs and enjoy more space savings.

Daikin VRV AHU improve the indoor air quality caused by haze, pollutants,etc with options of coarse,fine filter & HEPA filter. This is the only total AHU solutions provided and manufactured completely by Daikin.

Benefits of using VRV AHU

Quality Assured

  • VRV AHU are manufactured by Daikin factory

Ease of Installation

  • No additional system such as cooling tower,chiller,and long water piping system are required.This also reduces the total system maintenace costs
  • Flexible design of the ducting system.
  • Cover large area with different ducting congfiguration.
  • VRV AHU can provide ESP up to 450Pa*

Total Solution Concept

  • Integration an AHU into the total building climate system enable both design and installation procedures to be based on a single common technology.
    This simplifies project follow-up, installation, commissioning and maintenance since only party is involed.
  • VRV AHU system can be coupled and mixed with other type indoor unit to work together concurrently.
Tech specs


25mm Thickness Double Skinned Panel50mm Thickness Double Skinned Panel50mm Thickness Double Skinned Panel (Thermal Break)60mm Thickness Double Skinned Panel (Thermal Break)
ModelCapacity (KW)Dimension W x D x H (mm)ModelCapacity (KW)Dimension W x D x H (mm)ModelCapacity (KW)Dimension W x D x H (mm)ModelCapacity (KW)Dimension W x D x H (mm)
AHUR06CBVJ15.41,100 X 1,500 X 880AHUR06DBVJ15.41,150 X 1,550 X 930AHUR06DBBVJ15.41,150 X 1,550 X 930AHUR06EBBVJ15.41,160 x 1,520 x 940
AHUR08CBVJ22.11,400 X 1,500 X 880AHUR08DBVJ22.11,450 X 1,550 X 930AHUR08DBBVJ22.11,450 X 1,550 X 930AHUR08EBBVJ
22.11,460 x 1,520 x 940
AHUR10CBVJ26.31,400 X 1,500 X 880AHUR10DBVJ26.31,450 X 1,550 X 930AHUR10DBBVJ26.31,450 X 1,550 X 930AHUR10EBBVJ26.31,460 x 1,520 x 940
AHUR16CBVJ43.91,400 X 1,600 X 1,180AHUR16DBVJ43.91,450 X 1,650 X 1230AHUR16DBBVJ43.91,450 X 1,650 X 1,230AHUR16EBBVJ43.91,460 x 1,620 x 1,240
AHUR20CBVJ55.81,400 X 1,600 X 1,480AHUR20DBVJ55.81,450 X 1,650 X 1,530AHUR20DBBVJ55.81,450 X 1,650 X 1,530AHUR20EBBVJ55.81,460 x 1,620 x 1,540
AHUR32CBVJ89.31,900 X 1,900 X 1,480AHUR32DBVJ89.31,950 X 1,950 X 1,530AHUR32DBBVJ89.31,950 X 1,950 X 1,530AHUR32EBBVJ89.31,960 x 1,920 x 1,540
AHUR40CBVJ103.61,900 X 1,900 X 1,780AHUR40DBVJ103.61,950 X 2,050 X 1,830AHUR40DBBVJ103.61,950 X 1,950 X 1,830AHUR40EBBVJ103.61,960 x 1,920 x 1,840
AHUR48CBVJ131.72,300 X 2,000 X 1,780AHUR48DBVJ131.72,350 X 2,050 X 1,830AHUR48DBBVJ131.72,350 X 2,050 X 1,830AHUR48EBBVJ131.72,360 x 2,020 x 1,840
AHUR60CBVJ167.62,500 X 2,000 X 1,980AHUR60DBVJ167.62,250 X 2,050 X 2,030AHUR60DBBVJ167.62,550 X 2,050 X 2,030AHUR60EBBVJ167.62,560 x 2,020 x 2,040
AHUR80CBVJ220.53,400 X 1,900 X 2,000AHUR80DBVJ220.53,400 X 1,900 X 2,000AHUR80DBBVJ220.53,450 X 1,950 X 2,050AHUR80EBBVJ220.53,460 x 1,920 x 2,060
AHUR100CBVJ274.14,200 X 2,000 X 2,000AHUR100DBVJ274.14,200 X 2,000 X 2,000AHUR100DBBVJ274.14,250 X 2,050 X 2,050AHUR100EBBVJ274.14,260 x 2,020x 2,060
AHUR120CBVJ329.24,200 X 2,000 X 2,300AHUR120DBVJ329.24,200 X 2,000 X 2,300AHUR120DBBVJ329.24,250 X 2,050 X 2,050AHUR120EBBVJ329.24,260 x 2,020 x2,360
25mm Thickness Double Skinned Panel50mm Thickness Double Skinned Panel50mm Thickness Double Skinned Panel (Thermal Break)60mm Thickness Double Skinned Panel (Thermal Break)
ModelCapacity (KW)Dimension W x D x H (mm)ModelCapacity (KW)Dimension W x D x H (mm)ModelCapacity (KW)Dimension W x D x H (mm)ModelCapacity (KW)Dimension W x D x H (mm)
AHUR08CBLJ25.71,100 X 2,000 X 880AHUR08DBLJ25.71,150 X 2,050 X 930AHUR08DBBLJ25.71,150 X 2,050 X 930AHUR08EBBLJ25.71,160 x 2,020 x 940
AHUR10CBLJ29.51,400 X 2,000 X 880AHUR10DBLJ29.51,450 X 2,050 X 930AHUR10DBBLJ29.51,450 X 2,050 X 930AHUR10EBBLJ29.51,460 x 2,020 x 940
AHUR16CBLJ511,400 X 1,900 X 1,180AHUR16DBLJ511,450 X 1,950 X 1,230AHUR16DBBLJ511,450 X 1,950 X 1,230AHUR16EBBLJ511,460 x 1,920 x 1,240
AHUR20CBLJ67.71,700 X 1,900 X 1,180AHUR20DBLJ67.71,750 X 1,950 X 1,230AHUR20DBBLJ67.71,750 X 1,950 X 1,230AHUR20EBBLJ67.71,760 x 1,920 x 1,240
AHUR24CBLJ781,700 X 2,800 X 1,180AHUR24DBLJ781,750 X 2,850 X 1,230AHUR24DBBLJ781,750 X 2,850 X 1,230AHUR24EBBLJ781,760 x 2,820 x 1,240
AHUR32CBLJ103.71,700 X 2,300 X 1,480AHUR32DBLJ103.71,750 X 2,350 X 1,530AHUR32DBBLJ103.71,750 X 2,350 X 1,530AHUR32EBBLJ103.71,760 x 2,320 x 1,540
AHUR40CBLJ139.21,900 X 1,900 X 1,780AHUR40DBLJ139.21,950 X 1,950 X 1,830AHUR40DBBLJ139.21,950 X 1,950 X 1,830AHUR40EBBLJ139.21,960 x 1,920 x 1,840
AHUR48CBLJ155.91,900 X 2,400 X 1,780AHUR48DBLJ155.91,950 X 2,450 X 1,830AHUR48DBBLJ155.91,950 X 2,450 X 1,830AHUR48EBBLJ155.91,960 x 2,420 x 1,840
AHUR60CBLJ202.62,300 X 2,000 X 1,980AHUR60DBLJ202.62,350 X 2,050 X 2,030AHUR60DBBLJ202.62,350 X 2,050 X 2,030AHUR60EBBLJ202.62,360 x 2,020 x 2,040



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