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Cooling capacity : 14-28 kW

Airflow rate: 1,080 – 2,100  m³/h

Daikin Outdoor-air processing unit (FXMQ-MF Series) introduces outdoor air and pre-condition the outside air via a fixed discharge temperature control to suit your needs, thereby reducing the indoor air conditioning load. VRV indoor units for air conditioning and an outdoor-air processing unit can be connected to the same refrigerant line. This results in enhanced design flexibility.

OAPU – How It Works (with VRV Indoors)

The fresh air is introduced to OAPU and treated before going into the office, also will then go into the VRV Indoor units.

Air Conditioning and Outdoor Air Processing an be Accomplished Using a Single System.

PM2.5 Filtration Unit (Option)

Removes PM2.5 particulate matter present in the outdoor air, as well as sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides, providing clean fresh air to the indoor ambient.
• PM2.5 filter: Removes 99% or more of 2.5 μm particulate matter.
• Activated Carbon filter: Removes sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides

Double-layered efficient filtration PM2.5 filters are double-layered.

PM2.5 filters are double-layered.
1. The front filter effectively remove large particles.

2. The PM2.5 filter layer contains a large amount of static electricity to capture particulate matter effectively.

Electrostatic Dust Collection Filter: More Efficient and Longer Lasting Effect

 The PM2.5 filter layer contains a large amount of static electricity to capture particulate matter effectively, including those smaller than the grid mesh.
The filter is difficult to be blocked by particles and has good ventilation and long life span.

Tech specs


Cooling Capacity(kW)14.022.428.0
Power Consumption(W)0.3590.5480.638
Dimensions (H x W x D)(mm)470 × 744 × 1,100470 × 1,380 × 1,100470 × 1,380 × 1,100
Airflow rate(cfm)6359881236
Airflow rate(m³/h)108016802100
External static pressure (220V/240V)(Pa)185/225225/275205/255
Machine weight(kg)86123123
Sound level (220V/240V)(dBA)42/4347/4847/48



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