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Fresh air supply and better indoor air quality for confined space.

Air flow rate: 150 – 2,000 m³/hour

Daikin’s HRV (Heat Reclaim Ventilation) recovers heat energy lost through ventilation and holds down room temperature changes caused by ventilation, thereby maintaining a comfortable and clean environment. This also curbs the load on the air conditioning system and conserves energy. In addition, the HRV is interlocked to Daikin’s VRV system, SkyAir and other air conditioning systems and automatically switches over ventilation mode, further increasing the effects of energy conservation. HRV operation has been centralized on the air conditioner remote controller allowing total control over air conditioning and ventilation with a simple configuration.

VAM – How It Works

The fresh air is supplied to the office by air discharge grills connected to the VAM Supply Air duct.

Heat Recovery Ventilation with Simultaneous Supply and Exhaust

A compact unit packed with Daikin’s cutting-edge technologies

The heat exchange element uses a upgraded High Efficiency Paper (HEP) that has superior moisture-absorption and humidifying properties and doubles the current efficiency of moisture absorption. The heat exchange unit speedily recovers heat contained as latent heat (vapor). The element is made of a material with superior flame-resistant properties and is treated with an anti-molding agent.

Advanced Energy-Saving Ventilation by Interlocking with VRV Indoor Unit

• Pre-cool, Pre-heat control
• Auto-ventilation mode changeover switching
• Night-time free cooling operation

Air Conditioning Load Reduced by Approximately 31%*

PM2.5 Filtration Unit (Option)

Removes PM2.5 particulate matter present in the outdoor air, as well as sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides, providing clean fresh air to the indoor ambient.
• PM2.5 filter: Removes 99% or more of 2.5 μm particulate matter.
• Activated Carbon filter: Removes sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides

Double-layered efficient filtration PM2.5 filters are double-layered.

PM2.5 filters are double-layered.
1. The front filter effectively remove large particles.
2. The PM2.5 filter layer contains a large amount of static electricity to capture particulate matter effectively.

Electrostatic Dust Collection Filter: More Efficient and Longer Lasting Effect

The PM2.5 filter layer contains a large amount of static electricity to capture particulate matter effectively, including those smaller than the grid mesh.
The filter is difficult to be blocked by particles and has good ventilation and long life span.

CO2 Sensor Optional Kit Connection for VAM / VKM Series


The CO2 sensor controls airflow so that it best matches the changes of CO2 level in the room.
This prevents energy losses from over-ventilation while maintaining indoor air quality with optional CO2 sensor.



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