VRV System

Daikin is the first to introduce the revolutionary VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) Air conditioning system into the world market, significantly changing the way large multi-room buildings such as commercial skyscrapers and big bungalows are cooled. View All

Split Unit

The Split system is equally suitable for one room or an area of your home. Daikin air-conditioners provide energy savings and a wide range of models, while indoor units feature quiet operation and purifying functions, bringing you comfort in your living room or bedroom. Multi-Split system is ideal for situations where there is limited space for outdoor units. It has built an enviable reputation over a period of over 35 years. SkyAir by Daikin realises a comfort indoor environment. All over the world, stores, offices, and homes prefer the low operating sound, attractive design, comfort control and other benefits brought by SkyAir. View All