Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Streamer Technology to Suppressed Enterovirus (Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease(HFMD)

Test Results of Daikin Streamer Technology Against Hand Foot And Mouth Disease

With reference to the above matter, we would like to inform that Daikin in collaboration with testing organization, Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science, Japan has demonstrated that the 99.9% suppression effect against the human enterovirus 71 (EV71) within 8 hours after Streamer irradiation. EV71 is one of the main viruses that caused the transmission of hand, foot and mouth disease(HFMD) now.

Note: This result was obtained by using a Streamer discharge device for testing in lab conditions. The effect of products
equipped with Streamer technology or results in actual use environments may differ.

Daikin Streamer technology have demonstrated it to be effective against various virus and bacteria. You may refer the website provides information on the results of demonstration experiments conducted with various research institutions. https://www.daikin-streamer.com/en/result/

We attached herewith the sample test report for your reference.

Report Link : Letter of Test Result of Daikin Streamer against HFMD-2-3

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