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Save the Earth: Exchange for the Future Generation

The refrigerant within the air conditioner is the pivotal substance that makes air conditioning possible. Its ability to quickly change states is what allows us to cool (or heat) our homes, offices, and commercial buildings, keeping us sweat-free and blissfully comfortable.

Nevertheless, it is widely recognized that numerous fluorocarbon refrigerant gases, when released into the atmosphere contributes to global warming. Any refrigerant used would eventually exhaust its usefulness within a refrigeration system, necessitating the recharging of the system with fresh, unused virgin gas. Therefore, the recovery, reclamation, and reuse of refrigerants are crucial to prevent the unnecessary disposal of waste gas and the production of virgin refrigerant.

Globally, Daikin strives to meet the world’s needs for air solutions by providing clean and comfortable air environments while at the same time contributing innovations to solving global environmental problems. Hence, Daikin’s Environmental Vision 2050 aims to safeguard the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2050 across the full value chain of its business.

In line with Daikin’s Environmental Vision 2050, Daikin Malaysia as a prominent figure in the global air conditioning is leading Malaysia in an initiative aimed at refrigerant recovery to safeguard the environment and reduce carbon footprints. Daikin Malaysia has established an eco-system, collaborating with reclamation and recovery centres, where waste refrigerants are collected, cleaned, and restored to “as new” quality for reuse, as well as the old units are properly treated and disposed. To formalize this ecosystem, Daikin Malaysia is pleased to announce the launch of its pilot project campaign, “Save the Earth: Exchange for the future generation”.

Daikin Malaysia through its affiliate Daikin Malaysia Sales and Service Sdn Bhd (DMSS) will recover refrigerants from end-users through its installers during servicing and maintenance; where the installers will send the used refrigerants and old air conditioning units for proper handling and recycling at Daikin’s collection centre in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. The recovered refrigerants will undergo processing by a licensed facility, where all impurities will be meticulously removed, thereby restoring the refrigerants to their purest state in accordance with the standards outlined in ARI-700 (purity >99.5%). The old air conditioning units will then be sent to licensed recycle facility to ensure a sustainable e-waste management. Initially launched as a pilot program in the Klang Valley, the collection of used refrigerants will be expanded to encompass other states of Malaysia through the establishment of new collection centres in the near future.

In an effort to promote and foster green practices, DMSS will conduct training sessions for installers, aiming to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills for proper refrigerant handling. This proactive approach is vital to prevent potential mishandling of refrigerants, which can lead to significant environmental setbacks.

With the introduction of this initiative, Daikin Malaysia underscores its unwavering commitment to leading the industry in CSR, exemplifying environmental stewardship.

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