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Why Daikin Genuine Parts?

  • Genuine Parts | Daikin Malaysia

    Premium Quality

    Promising superior quality of product with reasonable price.

  • Genuine Parts | Daikin Malaysia


    Longer lifetime, minimize breakdown & uneasiness.

  • Genuine Parts | Daikin Malaysia

    Parts Safety Guarantee

    Safest choice, free from fear & worry.

  • Genuine Parts | Daikin Malaysia

    Warranty Assurance

    Daikin to provide assurance on sold product, to replace manufacturing defective product for stated period of time.

Daikin Genuine Parts Partner

Why Choose Daikin Genuine Parts Partner(DGPP)?

  • Daikin Genuine Parts Specialist

    Daikin Genuine Parts Specialist

  • Premium & Trusted Quality

    Premium & Trusted Quality

  • Ready Stock Availability

    Ready Stock Availability

  • Welcoming & Reliable Service

    Welcoming & Reliable Service

  • One-stop Solution Provider

    One-stop Solution Provider

Authorised Daikin Genuine Part Partner’s Signage

Authorised Daikin Genuine Part Partner’s Signage

A Few Steps To Verify Daikin Genuine Parts:

  1. Identify the hologram sticker on genuine Daikin parts
  2. Scan the QR code with your phone to verify its authenticity
  3. Only genuine Daikin parts will show the verification result in green through a real-time online verification result
Hologram sticker on genuine Daikin parts



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You are now leaving Daikin Malaysia

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