A Well-Spent Weekend for the Mother Earth

It’s time to relax!
Having caught in the rat race for quite a while, it’s time to escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Broga Hill, undoubtedly, would be the great getaway.

At first we just planned to have a casual gathering and bonding session at Broga Hill, it turned out that we did something meaningful instead.

We managed to get to the top of Broga Hill in the wee hours. While enjoying the beautiful sunrise, we decided to carry out our “green operation”. With some big black rubbish bags and hand gloves ready, we started picking up wastes all along the road downhill. Although some people had minor cuts in the legs during the process, everyone had a joyful time as with such simple act we have done a small part to contribute to the society and to help conserve the environment.