Celebrating Hari Raya at Rumah Anak Yatim Nur Qaseh

Welcoming the great festive season in town, the orphans at Rumah Anak Yatim Nur Qaseh were hoping for the greatest wish! Daikin Malaysia team paid a visit to the orphanage and had an early Hari Raya celebration with the children.

These children were from the poor, some were raised by single moms, and some did not even know their parents. In spite of this, they seem happy staying in this warm little house. And we decided to surprise them when they were out for school.

We bought them new clothes and had a total makeover for this little place they called home.  We painted their walls, changed the sofa, carpet, school bags and stationaries, and bought some groceries and even diapers, not to mention installed a unit of Daikin Air Cond in the living room. Imagine 20 over kids in the house with only 3 to 4 working fans!

We reached there in the morning when the kids were out for school, and started the makeover in no time. When they arrived home in the evening, their jaws dropped in surprise to see their very “new house”. It was the most satisfying moment when the children were smiling all the way while they toured around the house.

We believe that giving is always a blessing. And here in Daikin, we will continue to reach out and to help the needy.