Featuring an all-new fast cooling feature as well as powerful energy saving with the improvement in energy efficiency, quality, and performance. Its uncomplicated design speaks of engineering excellence, combining the science of optimal airflow with a well-integrated built-in swing compressor and proprietary algorithms to give you more precise control over the temperature and an even quieter operation.


The end result: greater comfort and even greater savings, for the greatest value.

Innovaire’s groundbreaking algorithm enables its compressor to go from zero to maximum frequency in a much shorter time, reducing time taken to achieve the desired temperature by 35% from the conventional Inverter. Paired with fan speed on Powerful mode, even large rooms can be fully cooled in a matter of minutes. Now you can enjoy instant relief from the sweltering outdoors every time you step into your home.

It was our pursuit of a more sustainable refrigerant and equipment life cycle that led us to discover the next-generation, earth-friendly R32 refrigerant and become the global pioneer of its use in air conditioners.

This game-changing refrigerant strikes the perfect balance between energy efficiency, ease of use, and environmental sustainability; offering distinct advantages across the board compared to the commonly used R410A and R22 refrigerants.

Benefits of the R32 at a glance:Does not deplete the ozone layer, unlike the R22.Low Global Warming Potential at 1/3 of R410A.1.5x heat transfer capacity of the R410A.Easy to reuse, recycle, and install.

Energy Bill Savings

Pushing the envelope of engineering and sophisticated algorithms, our Innovaire technology bears the stamp of courageous innovation to bring you an elevated cooling experience with unparalleled savings in energy and cost.

5+1 Years Warranty

Designed for durability and component quality, Innovaire powered units comes with 5 years warranty for compressor and 1 year warranty for general parts.

Quieter Operation

With Innovaire technology, outdoor and indoor units keep noise levels to a minimum for a gentle and unobtrusive operation.

Quick and Powerful Cooling

Powered by Innovaire technology, it is not only more efficient than Non-Inverters, but also up to 35% more efficient than conventional Inverters for quicker and more powerful cooling.

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