FFCN Series

Product Range:
Ceiling Cassette Unit
Capacity Range:
1.0 – 5.0 hp
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Ceiling Cassette

Indoor Unit Outdoor Unit Rated Capacity (Min-Max)
FFN10CV1 RN10CV1 9,500
FFN15CV1 RN15CV1 12,500
FCN20FV1 RN20CV1 18,500
FCN25FV1 RN25CV1 23,000
FCN30FV1 RN28CV1 28,000
FCN30FV1 RN30CV1 30,000
FCN35FV1 RN35DV1 36,000
FCN40FV1 RN40DY1 42,000
FCN50FV1 RN50DY1 46,000
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Innovative CooLightFunction

  • Applicable for FCN-F with BCFL2B5 Panel only
  • A revolutionary concept which provides cooling comfort with illumination in style.
  • Comes with energy LED downlights at 4 corners.
  • With power supply, lights be turned on/off with remote controller without switching on the air-conditioner unit.


  • High effectively to deactivate bacteria by damaging those microbial DNA and their surface structures by this advanced plasma technology.
  • It emits massive positive and negative ions, and sterilize surrounding air more effectively. FCN-F series emit 100 times more ion than ionizer technology in the current market by using our advance i-plasma technology.

Auto Random Restart

    • It enables the unit to restart automatically at different intervals when power resumes after blackout.


Last Memory

  • The units restart with the last restored setting when power resumes.

Built-In Starter

    • It’s of superior technology and is approved by JBE, with the accurate thermal overload setting, pre-set to prevent overloading or misadjustment.

(Applicable for units of 1.0 – 2.5hp only)

Elegantly Designed Panel

    • The slim panel can be blended into any decoration and design.

Build-In High Head Drain Pump

    • Allows condensate water to be lifted up to 700mm for smooth drainage of water flow